Sunday, October 08, 2006

Labels As Navigation Tabs

If you like to do something with your labels or to make it easier for yor reader to follow your article, here it is something from Hoctro. Your labels will have maximum 100 sub-labels. I did not apply the hack here because I don't want to mix it with CLOUD Labels but you can see the result in my other site here. If you clik on horizontal label ex: Europe, you will see UK as a sub-label.

Note again if you have applied hacks on Turning Label into Tabs before, you still can try this hack. First go to Hoctro to try the hack and rename the label as label 3 or label 4 or etc. After it's all done just delete your existing label hack and drag your new label to the previous label. (below blog title)

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Lepouras said...


I am trying for days to implement this hack to my blog and I can't seem to get it to work. I have done everything step-by-step and I think the problem should be in Step 4. Is it possible to send me the code you used in the HTML/Javascript widget for your Europe-UK example? I am trying to see what am I doing wrong with mine!!