Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pullquotes from BeautifulBeta

Another great news from BeautifulBeta.
It is definitely an oldy, but it is an oldy I really like. I first encountered it at AnnieBlueSky's BlogU. It is an easy trick to let your post jump out of the screen, by showing an interesting quote, that gives the essential idea of the post itself. The pullquotes are easy to implement: you only have to add some CSS to your template, so strictly speaking it is not even hacking. Or maybe we could call it soft-hacking.
:) Hans

Is't interesting!!!! Hack this at BeautifulBeta

Applied: Hack A Blog


Free 3-Column Template with Fluid Design and Super Peek-A-Boo

This is reaaaaaaaaaaaally great, a template by Hans from BeautifulBeta. Yes! You're now seeing his masterpiece in your computer screen. Currently it's hard to find a nice 3-column beta template but thanks Hans, you made it (another great hack from guru). If you want to have a template like this, just go to BeautifulBeta and if you done with it, tell me OK!

Applied: Hack A Blog


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Labels As Navigation Tabs

If you like to do something with your labels or to make it easier for yor reader to follow your article, here it is something from Hoctro. Your labels will have maximum 100 sub-labels. I did not apply the hack here because I don't want to mix it with CLOUD Labels but you can see the result in my other site here. If you clik on horizontal label ex: Europe, you will see UK as a sub-label.

Note again if you have applied hacks on Turning Label into Tabs before, you still can try this hack. First go to Hoctro to try the hack and rename the label as label 3 or label 4 or etc. After it's all done just delete your existing label hack and drag your new label to the previous label. (below blog title)


Monday, October 02, 2006

Free Template with 3-Columns and Peekaboo Post

Some of you emailed me asking for free templates. Well the timing is right. Hackosphere just realesed a few build-in templates (hacked) which have the following:

1. 3-COLUMN conversion with additional sidebar
2. Peekaboo posts with summary in main page
3. Peekaboo posts in label/archive pages
4. Multi-style Labels widget
5. Del.icio.us and Digg hotlinks in post footer

It's suitable for new blogger beta user who does not have time or has difficulty to apply all the hack him self. It's still free (I hope for ever, Ramani) so go get your high end free template now here.

Save your time and money!!


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Turning Labels into Cloud

I've just completed hacking cloud labels by Master Phydeaux3. This is really great. It is suitable with any blog categories but I think it will look nice in jurnal or diary blog (make it more colorful). You can find how to hack cloud label in Phydeaux3

Applied: Hackablog


Turning Labels into Tabs (Vertical)

Hoctro do it again. If you want to play and tweak with labels (Tabs), Hoctro's place is the right place especially for beginners.

Pic. from Hoctro's Place.
Your labels will be like this. Is it nice?


Turning Labels into Tabs (Horizontal)

This is what I like most, I spend the whole night to follow the instruction given by master Hoctro. I can't apply the original tabs hack because some problem with border color but with the help from him, it became an easy task. Thanks to Hoctro.

Pic. from Hoctro's place
*Noticed that horizontal label tabs under blog's description?

Applied: Hackablog, link